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Mama healing because we're all mamas healing

by marth (follow)
Are you a mama who is healing? One of the things no one tells you about mothering is that stuff is going to push your buttons big time. Well, maybe some people do tell you that. But do they also tell you that those pushes of your buttons are opportunities or do they tell you they're a big drag and you should try to ignore them so they go away? Well, here's news for you: ignored stuff doesn't go away, it stays. It hangs around like an unwashed nappy saying, "Over here, look at me, this needs healing!"

Some of us come from families where we were respected and loved, our needs were met and we lived in harmony with parents and siblings. Most of us probably don't although most of us probably felt loved, much of the time. Our mamas and papas often needed healing too.

Some of us are mamas healing because the journey to mamahood was fraught with pain. We may have lost pregnancies and lost babes. We may have experienced violence at our births and not been respected or loved. We may have struggled to bond with our hard won babes and felt grief over being unable to establish a breastfeeding relationship.We may have parented in isolation or grief and without role models, even though primates need role models and grandmothers, who guide them into learning to care for mewling babes.We may be mamas to children we did not birth. We may be mamas to children being raised by others. We may be in the thick of early parenting or negotiating the tricky paths with young adults. We can
still seek, and find, healing at every step.

We may be mamas who see the earth dying and wish to take it upon ourselves to be part of the long overdue healing. Some of us parent gently and stay connected to our children because we see that the damage done to the earth has been done by the same drive to dominate and profit which caused us pain in our birthing and growing. Refusing to do violence to children and self is far more powerful to heal ourselves and the earth than we realise. It might not be a glossy product but choosing so offers our future a better
chance of surviving than continuing the old violent paradigms ever could.

Each mama healing is a woman seeking herself and her path. We seek to find a way to live which honours us and our mothering, which honours our children and those close to us. We seek to send forth green shoots of growth which shade and offer cool shelter as we heal.We are mamas healing, every day of our lives. And we journey with love to a brighter
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